Aug. 11

There's been 3 days of class now and it's been a lot more to compared to last week. It started off with a basic spanish course on monday morning, which probably is gonna be the most valuable one for me. At least for this semester, since no one speaks english in Mexico. Except for some of the students and some of the staff on campus. Although I never took any spanish classes before, and the teacher only speaks to us in spanish, I was able to understand most of what she was saying. And I guess it's the best way of learning the language. In general, I hear spanish almost all the time. Lots of friends speak it so I'm being forced in to getting in to conversations every day, and I think it's just good for me.

We had another class which was a bit harder though. It turned out it was in spanish, although the teacher speaks english. She told us that it was a bad course for us to take and that we should change it. So we spent a couple of hours at the office of industrial design, trying to sort it out. Finally we were signed up for a new course, which turned out to be for architects. The course still seems ok for us since it's mostly about 3d rendering, the only con is that it runs between 7.30 - 9.00 pm, two times a week.

The other courses are about sketching, car design and digital visualisation. They all seem interesting and I just hope that the workload won't be too heavy. Have to have time for seeing friends as well!

I also got to experience a bit of mexican bureaucrazy yesterday, or rather swedish-mexican communication fail. I was going to the international office to pick up some paper needed for the immigration process. Took a long time finding the right room since no one knew where to direct me (or I was too unclear explaining). Finally I found the place but I didn't get the paper and had to go back today to pick it up. The immigration process is one of a kind, and will probably most likely include a lot of hassle. It's just going to be a lot of bullshit, and it will be even more frustrating since I don't speak any spanish. So I just payed a lawyer at school to do it for me and now it's gonna be an easy process for me. It will still be a long process, I'm not counting on getting my passport back in less than 2 months.

Oh yeah, another funny thing that happened yesterday. When I walked out from campus the military was posing just outside. 3 humvee's and at least 10 soldiers, fully armed and equipped were standing just outside the entrance. Everything seemed to be ok so I think they just marked their precense. I wanted to take a picture but I'm not sure if that would have been a good idea. Next time maybe...

Nos vemos!

Postat av: Jonas

I wanna see guns&ammo, take the picture next time! ;)

2010-08-12 @ 11:05:55
Postat av: angela

probably good to ask before trying that picture.. I THINK ;)

and yeah... that's mexican bureaucracy for you.. always a hassle and going from one place to another til you get what you needed..

2010-08-12 @ 19:10:50

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