Aug. 15

I really, really wanted to be in Gothenburg because of the Way Out West festival. Crazy line-up. Although, yesterday made me completely forget about it. We went to a mall for some shopping, and I found some clothes. Went back after a few hours at the mall, just to get changed for a pool party. And what a party it was! It was at some sort of residents but it looke more like a hotel to me. It was literally like a scene from Entourage. No cover to get in, free drinks at the bar, free food and desserts, tons of beatiful girls, and a nice view over parts of the city. All of this, in company with good friends, made it one of the best parties ever. Apparently there's a lot of pool parties around here but it's very unusual that they are like this one.

Also, we just got tickets to a festival called Hellowfest today. It's only one day and I don't know many of the bands, but it should still be fun. Always nice to get to see live music. This is two weeks from now, next weekend is probably gonna be a trip to a small village 4 hours away from here. I don't remember the name of it but it's supposed to be something like a ghost town (not Detroit) where they shot some movies. There's also a day trip to some caves just an hour away from here.

I was gonna sign up for some sports this week. Had to try out for tennis, since I didn't want to be in the beginners group. So I went out looking for a racket but only found one, which was way too expensive for me. So no tennis lessons for me... I think I will still have stuff to do though, since I'm also in a beach volley team and gonna join some table tennis tournaments. Plus there's school, gym and partying...


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