Aug. 22

So I'm gonna try and review the past week. School was easy and so far no major assignments. We even got an email from back home which confirmed that we only have to take 5 courses. This means I'm dropping one! No more school at 7.30 pm on mondays and wednesdays...

Wednesdays are half prize in the cinemas, so we went to see The Expandables. 3 euros for a movie is definitely affordable! And they serve the nachos with melted cheese, which I have been missing ever since Windsor. Win! I think pretty much every wednesday night will be spent at the cinema.

I also participated in a table tennis tournament. Well, saying tournament is giving the event too much credit. We were 7 people. But it was a lot of fun! Definitely going there next time as well.

The highlight of this past week was absolutely the weekend. After just a few hours of sleep after a long night of partying on friday, we went away on saturday morning for a trip. The goal of the trip was a small city called Real De Catorce. After about 4 hours in the car we thought we were finally there - only to find out that we had go up a big mountain and then through a tunnel. Almost at the top of the mountain we stopped to take some pictures and the view was very nice! Went further on and got to the tunnel, which turned out to be so tight that traffic could only pass one-way. This was in fact the only way you can get access to the village, so it really was an isolated place. But well worth it! What a contrast to Monterrey it was. Very calm and easy going, people selling food, candy and souvenirs in the small streets. And with the scenery, being so high up in the mountains, this was a really cool place! To reach the top of the mountain we actually went horseback riding. I think the only time I've been on a horse before was like 20 years ago. So I must admit I was a bit nervous before we set off, but it all went down perfectly fine. The poor horse I was on was a small and lazy fellow that didn't like to speed up no matter how much I tried. But I don't blame him, he looked pretty weak and probably had to walk up and down this mounatin every day. Once he slipped and almost fell, and at some points we had some fender benders with meeting traffic. It felt like driving a bike with poor steering and bent wheels on a highway, but was still a very cool experience. The way up took about an hour and once there we were surrounded by old ruins and a spectacular view of the mountains. Definitely something I will remember for a long time.

So the weekend was really good, and now it's back to the everyday life of Monterrey. Still feels a lot like a holiday though...

Postat av: Pär

It seems like you havin a good time all the time:) To make you feel even better..It starts to get darker and colder already it feels like :( So enjoy Mexico go man

2010-08-23 @ 13:00:32
Postat av: erkan

Yeah the weather back home isn't nice anymore. Horizontal rain and sunshine at the same time.

The life outside the cities in Mexico seems really nice, got to go there sometime.

2010-08-26 @ 09:49:22
Postat av: Anders Västfält

dålig uppdatering nu wasse :) trodde vi skulle hetsa varandra till att uppdatera oftare :P

2010-09-04 @ 18:56:47

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