Finally it's on!

There's been a couple of good first days. Started off on monday morning with me and Malin going to see some people at the Industrial Design office to get everythig sorted out with courses and such. Turned out we were both registered in all our courses, except for a spanish course that I was yet to be signed up for. After a quick visit to the international office this was fixed! So now we both have 6 courses, and unfortunately no days off. Except for weekends... I'm gonna do my best to avoid the "all day every week"-studies from back home. After all, got to live a little while here, right?

Later on it was time to pick up our "information package" and have a walk around tour on campus. Campus is really nice, there's a lot of cafeterias and places to hang out. There's also a pool, a gym and an indoor swimming pool. Plus there's a zoo... kind of. There are animal walking around on campus; roedeers, peacocks and ducks. They've been planted there of course, for what reason I don't know.

We had a welcome dinner for the hundreds of incoming exchange students on monday night and it was great fun. Met a lot of cool people, most of them germans actually. Feels like half of Germany is here. Some of them knows spanish, which is awesome. It's impossible to communicate in english with mexicans outside of campus. I'm gonna need to take the spanish course seriously...

Yesterday was the same deal as monday, had some information sessions during the day and in the evening we went out for dinner with lots of people. Found a great place nearby were we got a great deal on food and beer. Overall, food and alcohol is super cheap here. Compared to Sweden, a beer in the club is almost for free. If it's 5 euros at home, it's just over 1 euro here. Food is about half the price. I love it.

Today I'm gonna go and have a look at the gym, or if I'm lazy I might just go to the pool instead. In a couple of hours there's an information session on sports activities that is organized through school. I'm gonna see if there's a possibility to take some tennis lessons.I know they organize it, let's see if it fits my schedule.

It's nice to be back in the whole exchange experince, I feel that this is gonna be a great semester!

Postat av: isabel

tur att du fick en spansk ordbok av mig :)

2010-08-05 @ 14:30:08

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