Lucha libre!

Today has been one of those lazy hangover sundays. Which was really nice after a hectic week with lots of parties and stuff. A couple of nights ago was a big party at a huge terrace of one the student residents. Lots and lots of people, a good dj and a pool. Well, one of those small inflatable pools you can buy in grocery stores, but still a pool! :)

Yesterday me and Alex spent the afternoon in the city centre with his roomie Clo and her friend Andrea. Great fun! Alex went to become part of a street show (two white guys in the streets of Monterrey gets a lot of attention) and then we went on the canal. There's this artificial canal that runs thorugh a part of the city, and you can go on a boat tour. Along with it are waterfalls, fountains and some small restaurants. We took the boat one-way and walked along it on our way back. Had some food and watched Alex standing in line for 10 minutes for some dessert... only to find out he was in the wrong line. So no dessert this time! Later in the evening we went to this bar not too far from where I live. The place was packed and we had a great time for a few hours, before leving to another club. I wen't home "early" though, which is around 4 am...

So as I was saying, today has been lazy. We were going with some mexican guys to a flea market, but since you don't really make plans here, we didn't. Instead we went for lunch at a nice seafood restaurant. Afterwards, those of us who aren't from around here, wen't to see a luch libre show. Which is this mexican version of wrestling (not proper wrestling, but the acting version). It was so much fun to see, and nothing you can experience back home. There were so many kids there and they were huge fans. Some of them wore typical lucha libre masks, and in between fights they rushed in to the ring and played like they were wrestling. So a few of us went in there as well and played along. The kids seemed to love it, especially since they got the chance to beat up some europeans. The were punching hard too. This one kid punched me in the dick, but I couldn't really tell him how to stop since I don't know spanish. But it was a lot of fun and we got some great pictures. Will definitely go back, and next time we're getting front row seats. I also bought a mask, which will be a nice souvenire. I've been trying to upload some photos here but our internet is working mexican style, saying manana manana. So for now you'll have to go to Facebook to get a look of what's going on.

Tomorrow is the start of classes, hopefully this first week will be mostly introduction. We have to have a slow start!


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