Un Indio, por favor

The first post with a spanish title must be about beer or tacos, right? This is one of the two...

Life's treating us pretty good right now. Beers in the evening, no worries about coatcheck (the worries are more about inapprapropriate sweating). Waking up when you feel like it, going to the gym, getting some cheap tacos for lunch. Then spending the aftenoon at the campus pool. You don't see me complaining...

Obviously it's gonna change a bit though next week, and the reason for this spells: 6 courses, school monday - friday. Some people got lucky with their schedules, some lucky bastards only have class on tuesdays and thursdays. In my case I guess the pros are that I will have a harder time running out of money too soon, and that I only have like 2-3 hours of class every day. But then again, you don't see me complaining...

I'm gonna put up some photos soon, either here or on Facebook. Or both. So far there's been a lot of the typical "gather as many people as you can find and pose for the camera"-pictures. This is also part of the exchange experience, getting the team together :)

Bye for now, it's beer o'clock I think.


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