Oct. 18

Wow, it has just been a week since my last post on the blog, and here I am writing again! Last week was the end of the partials, and I had my two last presentations on tuesday. Presenting your work here is quite different from back home since it doesn't feel like it matters how well you do. I still try to make my work as good as possible, of course, but there's usually very little time for discussion and feedback.

Tuesday was pretty interesting since me and Lisa were in a photoshoot. It was in the back of a butchershop and it was a very cool experience! I think we got some good pictures, so it will be nice to see the final result. Rocio, our photographer, will submit some of the work for a contest in a few weeks. After we were done with the photos she took us around town for a couple of hours, showing us a lot of different places. Thanks a lot Rocio, we really enjoyed it! And we found a very cool hotel where we have to go to some day to have a drink...

On thursday me, Lisa and Matilda took a taxi to the airport for our flight to Las Vegas. Everything went well and it was so nice to see the view of Nevada from the plane. I'm pretty sure we flew close to Grand Canyon and the weather was perfect so we could clearly see everything. Once in Vegas I met up with Anders at the airport, so nice to see him again! We went to our hotel where we met up with Valerie, who came one day earlier to Vegas to see her brother, who was working at a fair. Me and Valerie also went to see him at the fair on friday morning, but we were a little bit tired from the night before... Anyway, we had a great stay in the city! Went to some good clubs, hung out by the pool and relaxed. For me and Anders it was maybe easier since we've been there before, this way we were never stressed about walking around and doing sightseeing. And we didn't go crazy shopping like the girls either...
We did some planning of our Mexico trip in december, or at least decided not to plan it too much ahead. We kind of know what route we are taking and that we will be in Playa Del Carmen for New Years. Then I'm flying back from Merida to Monterrey on the 4th of January. Will be an awesome trip!

Flew back on sunday afternoon, but we had to wait in the plane for 1.5 hours since there was a big thunderstorm outside. Finally we could take off and 3 hours later we were back in Monterrey. Now it's monday night and I have a normal week of school ahead of me. Let's see how normal it can be, in Monterrey you never know what the day has to offer...


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