Sep. 5

The updates have been poor here on the blog recently, and I have nothing to blame but my lazyness. I'm gonna try to make them more frequently, especially since my good friend Anders ( recently started blogging again. Hopefully we can push each other to be less lazy.

So what happened since last time I wrote? I'll try to sum it all up quickly.

Went to a concert of Passion Pit. I didn't listen to them before so I didn't know what to expect, but I liked it. It was a mellow concert and not the one where the crowd goes crazy. Nice venue too, so I think there's gonna be more visits to that place. In general Monterrey should have a lot more concerts since it's a big city, but I think it's also a matter of us not knowing where to look for them. One concert we definitely won't miss out on is Black Eyed Peas, who are playing here in the end of september. It's pretty cool that they actually play in the arena on our campus. I'm not a big fan of them, at least not their new style, but it's gonna be a hell of a party!

Last weekend we went to a music festival held at a baseball arena here in Monterrey. The festival was just during one day so it wasn't that big, but we still had a good time. Especially watching The Sounds - partly because they're from Sweden, but mostly because they had a really good show. The only strange thing about the festival was how they had planned the gigs. After The Sounds you would expect some other energetic band/dj playing up-tempo music, to continue the party... but instead some hippie band was playing and for me the atmosphere just died. This band would have been nice to listen to while chilling in the afternoon but now it was just a party pooper. This was fixed by the band Zoe who played after, and they also had a pretty sweet 3D show on the screen while playing, so everyone in the audience wore these really ugly 3D glasses. But all in all, it was a very nice festival!

This past week has been quite a lot of school work, since it's time for project presentations next week. We're actually finishing the projects some days before deadline, since we booked a 9 day long trip! September 15th is the celebration of the Mexican independence, and this year it's very special since it's the 200th anniversary. Because of this, we get some days off from school, so most people are taking the opportunity to go travel. We will miss a few extra days of school but that's no problem as long as you plan the amount of abscenses. Anyway, the trip will start on this coming friday, when we fly in the evening to a place called Puerto Vallarta. It's by the beach on the west coast of Mexico and there's 9 of us going. I'm really looking forward to get some days by the ocean! The only thing is that this place got flooded last week because of heavy rain, and one of the two big bridges connecting it to the mainland is now gone. But we will see how it looks like in a week. Anyway, after staying in Puerto Vallarta for a couple of days we take the bus to Guadalajara. It's only 3 hours away so that's an easy trip. We're staying there for a couple of days too, and then we're heading for Mexico City. This is the final stop on our trip and we're planning on staying there for 5 days. This is also where we're gonna celebrate the independence. It's gonna be an experience for life, definitely!

This friday we went to a friends house for a barbeque and a pool party. We were a bit unlucky with the weather since it started to rain just before we got there but it was really nice anyway. And the pool was heated so the rain wasn't really an issue. Just hanging out with good company, having food and a few drinks in the pool made it a really nice day!

It' been rainy the last few days here, and when it rains you really feel it. The amount of rain hasn't been anything extraordinary but since there doesn't seem to be any sewers here, all the water is just flowing in the streets. An hour of rain and it looks like small rivers everywhere. No wonder they get hit by floods!

This week will be mostly work since there's a spanish exam on friday and 3 other projects to finish. On tuesday night there's a soccer game on the campus arena which I will try to get tickets for tomorrow. It's the Mexican national team playing Colombia so that would be really nice to see! Other than this it's focus on schoolwork and then vacation for 9 days... can't wait for it!

Postat av: erkan

Passion Pit would be cool to see live, I'm not a big fan either but I like the songs I've heard.

Hopefully there will be more raving at Black Eyed Peas than the other shows you went to hehe.

2010-09-06 @ 15:02:35
Postat av: Jonas

Aldrig fel med lite vaycay från skolan. Lycka till med dina exams och grejer. Question: kan du välja "justera" texten mot båda marginalerna när du skriver dina inlägg? Tror att det skulle göra sidan lite mer fräääääsch;)


2010-09-07 @ 16:19:41
Postat av: Wasse

The BEP concert should definitely have more ravin' and less behavin'! :)

Jöne, hur menar du? Vilja du ha texten bredare eller smalare?

2010-09-09 @ 22:45:12
Postat av: Anders Västfält

Tack för reklamen Wasse :D

Jöne menar att du ska ha texten så som det är i tidningar, dvs inte vänster-justera så raderna blir olika långa.

Enjoy the days of from school! dont get killed pliiiiis

2010-09-10 @ 02:32:21
Postat av: Tore V

Halloj mannen.......

Hörde låten på radion idag :

I Mexico vill ingen bo .....Tänkte på dig då....Hoppas allt är bra hos dig....


2010-10-02 @ 13:01:59

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